The Technology and Entrepreneurship  Center at Harvard Founder Excellence Prize ($5,000): Chris Ufere, uDreamed

McKinley Social Grant, Silver Medal Winner ($5,000): Breaktime with Union Square Donuts

McKinley Social Grant, Gold Medal Winner ($10,000): Chirp

McKinley Commercial Grant, Silver Medal Winner ($5,000): Frank

McKinley Commercial Grant, Gold Medal Winner ($10,000): Checkmate Diabetes

Public Sector Innovation Award ($5,000): Jump Credit & UniDx



Commercial Track

Camelot.ai: We're an online portal for machine learning problem-solving, and skills development, to organically connect students with top companies.

Checkmate Diabetes: At Checkmate Diabetes, we are reducing diabetes related complications through a social platform to motivate people with diabetes by changing poor habits via rewards and social support to improve diabetes management on a day-to-day basis. 

Flow Suit: Flow Suit uses both electronic muscle stimulation and a passive brace in order to provide manual leg control to paraplegics, giving them mobility, independence, and self sufficiency.

Frank: Frank is personal e-coach that helps undergraduates navigate the job search process, step-by-step, from beginning to end.

Inkrypt: Inkrypt is a blockchain startup focused on providing a censorship resistant media hosting network for journalism firms

Karuna: Karuna leverages the insights healthcare providers have about each other to infer quality at the clinician and care team level.

Hurt Technologies: Hurt Technologies has an AI-driven tool designed to prevent the development of chronic disease by driving awareness and usage of insurance-provided medical care, lower healthcare costs for individuals, and increase revenues for doctors.

PRM Solutions: Our AI powered app optimizes a distributor's and salesperson's day, directing who to target with what products and when. 

Skinwix: Crowd-sourced skincare recommendations made ultra-personalized and actionable. 

uDreamed: uDreamed is a dream analytics social platform for leveraging individual and global dream content patterns to improve lives.

Social/Public Track


Breaktime with Union Square Donuts:  Breaktime with Union Square Donuts aims to break the cycle of homelessness by providing meaningful employment and vocational training/career advising to Cambridge youth without discrimination on the basis of housing status; through our wholesale partnership with Union Square Donuts and collaboration with Y2Y Harvard Square Shelter, we are opening our first donut shop on Mt. Auburn St. in Harvard Square.

Chirp: Chirp empowers the 250,000 teens that become parents annually with step-by-step guides about otherwise overwhelming financial, educational and health-related goals by breaking them down into actionable and achievable stepping stones.

HomeBase: A personalizable data storage platform for NGOs and refugee camps to track beneficiaries.

Jump Credit: Jump Credit is a technology non-profit that provides free software for non-profits and governments that enables them to give high-quality, personalized financial advice to the people who need it most.

ProsperiTea: ProsperiTea distributes quality specialty tea produced by smallholder farmers in Western Kenya. 

Refug.io: Regio.io is a Website application that allows NGOs to track & collaborate on refugee casework with outside orgs - a "patient management" software for refugee service providers.

UniDx: At UniDx, we are employing drop-based microfluidics combined with isothermal DNA amplification to quantitatively detect diseases at an early stage and at a low cost, beginning with malaria.