Commercial Track

prettyChill: A direct-to-consumer frozen plant-based meal brand offering innovative gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-sodium meals.

PathVision: Developed an AI-driven precision medicine platform to replace traditional genetic testing with a 5 second, low-cost alternative.

Numinar: The first software platform bringing cutting-edge voter file management and data analysis to political campaigns of all sizes.

Proton.ai: Delivers Amazon-quality AI to B2B distributors that predicts what customers will buy; driving revenue growth and improving the customer experience.

SwarmSway: Helps restaurants boost their sales and brand image by leveraging social media nano-influencers for marketing.

Loro: A smart companion robot that serves as a connectivity hub for wheelchair users.

Vaultima: A website that helps young adults learn about and set up savings/investment accounts, insurance, and tax forms all at once.

Blasteme: Leverages the regenerative biology of the axolotl for a new generation of rejuvenating and restorative cosmetics

Athlane: An esports data platform that enables investors, sponsors, professional teams, and other interested parties to discover, track, and assess esports opportunities through aggregated, validated real-time data feeds and AI-driven analytics.

Wingman Cover: A direct to consumer ecommerce brand focused on making men the best version of themselves with cosmetic enhancers.

Social/Public Track


Team Trill: An anonymous, safe, and supportive social network.

Heard App: An app for parents to actively practice healthy communication techniques with their children, whilst reinforcing the norm of mindful communication in children.

BikePath: A simulation software that helps city planners maximize bike-sharing usage and bike availability.

HippoNet: Aims to increase access to specialized health care by connecting underinsured patients to physicians willing to provide subsidized services.

PediaTrack: A low-cost vital monitoring and alerting system for pediatric cancer patients, allowing for earlier and more effective intervention against sepsis in low- and middle-income countries.

H2Ok Innovations: Uses artificial intelligence along with new data collection techniques to empower civilians, utilities, and governments with information to make data driven decisions that allow for sustainable access to safe drinking water.

reThink: A patented app that detects online hate and gives users a second chance to reconsider the decision to post or send messages.

RiskBoard: Political risk analytics software to help organizations identify and respond to political and human rights issues that threaten their interests across the world.