TECH Outstanding Startup Prize ($5,000): Reverie Labs

McKinley Social Grant, Silver Medal Winner ($5,000): NeighborGood

McKinley Social Grant, Gold Medal Winner ($10,000): Planetary Health Watch

McKinley Commercial Grant, Silver Medal Winner ($5,000): Doorbell

McKinley Commercial Grant, Gold Medal Winner ($10,000): Entyde

Accenture Public Sector Innovation Award ($10,000): Parachute Teachers

Meet the 2017 i3 Semi-Finalists

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Commercial Track



The dressary

reverie labs

General Biotechnologies

Limitless Laptop

Paragon Real Estate Technologies





z imaging

Social and Public Track



planetary health watch


parachute teachers




givz, llc

welcome home


Commercial Track

Connectome: Connectome is an online platform that helps researchers and students form productive, collaborative research teams, improving educational experiences and research output.

Doorbell: Doorbell is a real estate services and technology startup that empowers landlords to boost property income (NOI) while offering their residents a fun, differentiated, and community-driven apartment experience.

Entyde: Entyde is an affordable sensor device that ensures proper EMS (Emergency Medical Services) intubation when performed in the field (not in a hospital).  Endotracheal intubation is the process of placing a tube into the trachea of a patient when they cannot breathe independently such as in certain cases of cardiac arrest.  A common risk during intubation is the misplacement of the endotracheal tube into the esophagus rather than the trachea.  This error can lead to severe, life-threatening damage suffered by the patient. Entyde ensures proper placement by sensing a change in CO2 emitted from an endotracheal tube and delivers a digital indication of proper or improper intubation.

General Biotechnologies: We are developing a small molecule therapeutic to radically improve the treatment of metastatic cancers. Our compound — Nivien — inhibits several previously untargetable mechanisms within tumor cells that currently prevent medicines from effectively treating malignancies. Nivien is the first approach that utilizes both chemotherapy and immunotherapy to fight pancreatic cancer, which causes 300,000 deaths each year and has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers.

Limitless Laptop: The Limitless Laptop is a new laptop for K-12 schools. With its hardware in the cloud, the Limitless Laptop rarely breaks, requires minimal software maintenance, and is never obsolete.

Pagedraw: Pagedraw does the boring work of translating user interface mockups into clean, modern code faster, cheaper, and with fewer bugs than if you made a software engineer do it.

Paragon Real Estate Technologies: Paragon is an online marketplace that efficiently connects building managers with contractors for property maintenance and repairs. Paragon will save managers time and money, as well as lead to better apartments and offices for millions of Americans.

Reverie Labs: Reverie Labs makes drug design faster, cheaper, and more accurate for pharmaceutical companies. Our software consists of advanced machine learning techniques that search the enormous space of small molecules to find potential drugs for a given protein binding site. We hope for these tools to become commonplace at all pharmaceutical companies as an effective way of improving virtual screening.

TennisML: TennisML, has been researching machine learning techniques to apply to sports wagering, in order to revolutionize the asset management industry. We have an automated wagering model/system deployed on a private server, that has made 15% returns on our bankroll to date. We are super excited about the potential for this new asset class, that is independent of financial business cycles.

The Dressary: The Dressary is a shared online dress library for undergraduate girls to rent dresses from one another with same-day access -- one party, interview, concert at a time.

VeRg: VeRg makes people healthier and more fit by utilizing cutting-edge VR technology to transform boring workouts into engaging and addicting adventures.

Z Imaging: Z Imaging enables surgeons to view medical images (such as x-ray scans and ultrasounds) overlayed on top of patients in 3D augmented reality to make surgeries safer and faster.

Social/Public Track

Takachar: Takachar designs and manufactures a low-cost and portable reactor unit that enables high-yield, decentralized fertilizer production to remote areas. Our carbon-negative fertilizer (branded as Safi Sarvi) can improve farmers’ yields by up to 30% and save about 20% in irrigation demand. We already have a pilot production plant in Kenya, currently grossing ~$1000/month in sales and selling to 300 paying customers, with proven peer-reviewed efficacy.

NeighborGood: NeighborGood matches chronically ill, disabled, and elderly individuals with neighbors for companionship and volunteer help with home tasks and errands.

Planetary Health Watch: Our goal is to use computational methods to leverage online big data to identify and predict harmful environmental exposures. We will mine online public concerns and observations to generate real-time hazard detection algorithms. We will develop a user-friendly online application to track and report environmental hazards. Crowdsourcing public concerns using big data will enable us to more rapidly predict and respond to environmental hazards, making it possible to avert crises and save lives.

Rooted: Rooted aims to introduce and normalize the consumption of algae, in the form of familiar snack foods, as a nutritious and sustainable alternative to animal protein.

Parachute Teachers: Parachute Teachers is addressing the substitute teacher shortage by tapping into the talents of local community members and matching them with schools in need of substitutes through our online marketplace. We’re the Uber for substitute teachers – and our teachers are reimagining the role of the substitute.

Nex2us: Nex2us connects classrooms around the world to build empathy and understanding across diverse communities. The overall purposes of the website design are to foster brief but meaningful connections between middle school students from diverse backgrounds, and to help students think critically about the world around them. Unlike a pen pal relationship, Nex2us attempts to expose students to as many voices, experiences and ideas as possible through sharing images, music and videos without relying on a shared language. Our platform will help students create content to share, connect with other students through mixed media, and relate to them through in-class discussions.

Luccia: For higher education institutions who want to develop a competitive edge in a cost-effective way, Luccia is an innovative digital solution that uses AR/VR technologies to provide social, immersive, and interactive education experiences to students at a global scale.

Frank: Frank is a personal professional e-coach web app that saves companies time and money ramping up employees to new roles through one-minute, step-by-step, jargon-free, just-in-time “micro-skill” tactics on how to navigate common workplace scenarios (e.g. how to write professional emails), based on the behaviors and approaches of the most successful employees within a given position. Frank helps employees be more confident when navigating unfamiliar situations in the workplace by setting expectations clearly and succinctly, and offering actionable, just-in-time support on the job.

GIVZ, LLC: GIVZ is a new global platform that facilitates two-click donations to elicit more frequent, spontaneous, and social giving. Unlike current platforms, we are focused on the donor experience and offer the ability to donate to any charity at any time.

Welcome Home: Welcome Home provides middle-income renters with simple, social living. By cheaply transforming one room into two using quickly-installable furniture walls that do not damage the room, we charge our renters 30% below market rent. By vetting apartment-mates through reference, background, and Facebook checks, our renters live with trusted community members. We welcome renters to a home that helps them achieve financial independence and healthier, socially-connected lives.

Empanist: Empanist is an online platform that connects performing Artists (musicians, vocalists) to Pianists by significantly lowering prices for Artists, generating a new source of income for Pianists, and providing a level of quality assurance unmatched in the music industry.