Through its Innovation Fellows Program, the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University (TECH) has convened pilot gatherings in Cambridge, New York City, Dublin, and San Diego, bringing together international city leaders from over 50 cities (Tel-Aviv, Moscow, Medellin Colombia, Toronto, Paris, etc.) to investigate how cities address the challenges of urban innovation, social inclusion and technology transformation. These pilots revealed a burgeoning demand for a focused program on city innovation and enablement for the technology and policy city leaders. In addition, city innovation has become a core part of the Innovation in Science and Engineering course taught in the Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) each fall, with student challenges provided by cities as well as lectures by chief innovation and technology officers of leading cities.

The creation of the TECH City Program focuses on enabling transformative innovation in cities and metropolitan communities through education, collaborative practice and peer engagement. This program is engaging the senior city officials and their teams with the students and Innovation Fellows of TECH to explore, create and accelerate the innovation practice of urban areas.

The goal is to engage globally with both leading and large cities, as well as emerging areas where there may be the opportunity to provide even greater impact.

The program focuses on four key outcomes:

  • Education – the program provides a platform for educating cities and students on the principles of innovation and technology transformation.

  • Knowledge Creation – the program seeks to understand and distill the methods and patterns of successful cities in their transformation through technology and innovation.

  • Co-development of Solutions and Inclusion – the program engages a broad community through engagement with cities and their residents to identify and solve key problems that achieve positive inclusion goals.

  • Impact and Sustainability – the program enables and supports initiatives that translate the education and collaborative efforts into socially and economically viable initiatives.

The City Innovation program is led by fellow Dr. David Ricketts.

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